Although it is unlikely that your Vibe kayak will need repair during its lifetime, it is possible that a hull crack or puncture might occur. If this happens, first contact Vibe or your Vibe dealer to determine if the damage falls under the kayak's limited warranty. We will need the HIN of your kayak (located on the stern), a good description of the damage (a photograph is very helpful), and a description of the incident during which the damage occurred. All this information will help us to determine the best course of action in getting you back on the water.

As an owner of a kayak made from polyethylene plastic, one repair option which may be available to you is welding ( check out our cool video on how to plastic weld your kayak ) Polyethylene is recyclable and repairable, unlike many other plastics. Incidents necessitating welding happen to less than one percent of kayaks, but if for some reason you should get a crack or hole in your kayak, refer to the following repair instructions, or call us for additional assistance.

If you find you do need to file a warranty claim, then you can do so (and submit the helpful info we need, as stated above) on our website all the way at the bottom, under Support 

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