If the shipping carrier is still there: TAKE PICTURES. If it is damaged beyond something you wish to try and repair yourself, REFUSE THE BOAT and contact Vibe at contact@vibekayaks.com let us know what is going on, so we can alert our Claims Team and get a new order placed for your replacement kayak. (Please give the team 1-2 business days to reply to all emails. This will ensure that everyone gets the absolute best customer care we can offer!)

It’s your responsibility to examine the kayak carefully prior to accepting delivery from the shipping carrier.

- If the kayak has minimal damage that you wish to repair yourself, you may go ahead and accept the kayak, and contact Vibe at contact@vibekayaks.com our expert Vibe Shop staff can walk you through how to repair the kayak and provide a Gift Card / partial refund / other for the trouble.

- If you accept the kayak from the shipping carrier and the damage is not repairable, you are responsible for the shipping charges to return the kayak. Vibe must have the kayak back in Vibe possession before we can authorize any refunds or replacements

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