Here’s an awesome Vibe video on how to correctly strap your kayak down on top of a vehicle and transport it:

Also, a roof rack, whether factory installed or an aftermarket product, greatly improves both security and convenience when transporting your Vibe fishing kayak. There are many aftermarket accessories that combine with a roof rack to offer even more convenience and security.

The simplest – but not necessarily the most secure solution – is to place minicell foam cradles between the boat and the roof, and tie the kayak to the roof rack.

The most secure attachment would come from an aftermarket roof rack and specially made "kayak cradles." This option provides security, convenience, and protection from hull damage.

Good results may also be obtained by strapping the boat directly to a rack. It's best to at least pad the rack with foam and tie the kayak on upside-down to minimize deformation of the hull.

In all cases, it is recommended to tie both ends of the kayak to the bumpers for extra security.

Your Vibe dealer can provide you with any parts and accessories you may need.

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